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Sugar Manufacturing Process

Sugar  Sugar  Sugar 

Juice is extracted from mills by five mills tandem and it is passed through mass flow meter. After juice weighment it is sent to juice heater to heat it up to 75°C to 80°C and then it is sulphited simultaneously with lime and SO2 gas up to pH 6.9 to 7.0. After sulphitation juice again sent to juice heater for second heating up to 100°C to 105°C. Then it is sent to clarifier for clarification purpose. In clarifier mud settled down to bottom of the compartments of clarifier and taken to vacuum filter for filtration of juice from mud. The filtered juice is sent to juice sulphitation pre-liming tank and filtered mud sent out as a filter cake.

The clarified juice is then sent to evaporator boiling and it is evaporated upto 55° to 60° BRIX . This concentrated juice is called as syrup. This syrup again under goes sulphitation up to pH 4.8 to 5.2. Then syrup is taken on pan floor and forwarded in tanks. Three Massecuite boiling system is adopted in pan boiling.

B-Massecuite is boiled with A-Heavy Molasses and grain made from the same Molasses and dropped in crystallizer. Then it is cured in centrifugal machine B-Heavy Molasses separated from Massecuite and sent to pan floor for CMassecuite boiling. B-Sugar is used as seed or melted for using in A-Massecuite boiling. C-Massecuite boiling is done with B-Heavy Molasses and C-light Molasses with grain and dropped in crystallizer. It is cooled up to 40°C in crystallizer by using cold water and then again heated up to 50°C to 55°C before coming in centrifugal machine. CMassecuite cured in two stages. In first stage final Molasses separated out from Massecuite and C-Fore magma again cured in second stage for separation of C-light Molasses from the massecuite.

After weighment final molasses sent to outside in Molasses storage tank and C-light taken on pan floor for CMassecuite boiling. C-Sugar is melted in melte rand taken on pan floor for A-Massecuite boiling. A- Massecuite is boiled with syrup, seed, melt and A-Light Molasses and dropped in crystallizer. From crystallizer it is taken to centrifugal machine for curing. Before washing the Massecuite A-Heavy Molasses separated out and sent to pan floor for B-Massecuite boiling. After washing with water and steam A-Light Molasses is separated from sugar and sent to pan floor for A-Massecuite Boiling. White sugar dropped in hopper for drying and cooling and sent to grader and gradation. After gradation sugar bags are weighed, stitched, numbered and then sent to godown.