Gangamai Industries and Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

C.S.R. Activities

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments included education, healthcare, energy and climate change , and betterment of the civil society through respect for universal human rights and the environment, acting with integrity, accountability and operating responsibility and sustainable development.

The company proposes to implement its CSR activities in various sectors (i.e. Rural Development projects, Purification & supply of drinking water and conservation of water, Education, Employment opportunities, Sanitation, Environment Protection, Go Green initiatives etc.)

Kisan Melava & Meeting

Kisan Melava(Farmers meeting)conducted at Factory Site and Gut offices the information of Technical Sugar Cane Production as well as meeting at various villages conducted before starting cane planting season.

Water conservation program

As the Maharashtra is passing through a huge water scarcity, So The Gangamai Industries And Constructions Ltd. has decided to use the water available in sugarcane itself and succeeded since last 5 years to run the sugar plant with water available in sugar cane without availing water from outside source by recycling and prohibiting miss-use of water with well planed close circuit.

Gangamai Jalsandharan Yojna

To overcome the cyclic rotation of drought , we have decided to implement the water conservation schemes from our own resources. In this connection we have provided recourses (i.e. Human resources, Poclain machine and other vehicle for the said schemes) to our working area and every year we are completing KT Weirs (Bandharas) through ‘Gangamai Pattern’ resulting into increased rain water conservation at least 08 to 10 villages under the scheme and have a program of complete eradication of drought from of our working area within next 05 years.

The main purpose of this scheme are excess rain water storing. The GIACL undertook de-silting of the 78 KT Waires (Bandharas) through ‘Gangamai Jalsandharan Yojna’ resulting into increased rain water conservation.

Further the industry has execute projects like green belt development and rain water harvesting shall help to improve status and aesthetics of the region as a whole.

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