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Distillery Manufacturing Process Absolute Alcohol


At the very first stage molasses stored in steel tank(s) is taken in fermentation tank No.1 and yeast and nutrient is added. pH is maintained at 4.2 at 32oC and starts fermentation. Then the material is transferred in fermentation tank No.2. It dilute 1:2 ratio. Sludge is separated at this stage. Then clarified wash transferred in fermentation tank No.3. Thereafter, the clarified wash goes to separator. At this stage yeast cream is removed and again transferred to fermentation tank No.1 & 2. Supernant liquid taken in to clarified wash tank and goes to distillation and wash distillation to stripper column (temp 76oC). At this stage, vapours goes to condenser and they reflux feed to extraction column. From extraction column impurities are removed and then alcohol and water transferred to rectifier column and then water drained and spirit collected in to receiver tank and then transferred to storage tank