Gangamai Industries and Constructions Pvt. Ltd.


Bio-Compost Process Bio-Compost Plant

The Sugar Industries is a unique industries which follows the principle of soil- soil. Press-mud/filter cake obtained as waste during sugar manufacturing process is mixed with the effluent from Distillery operations to give bio fertilizer (i.e. treated spent wash with additions of micro nutrients and bio compost culture to enrich the press-mud and converted into high quality bio-compost at the Bio-Compost Plant). This bio fertilizer is organic, eco- friendly and costeffective compared to chemical fertilizers. The average annual production is 14000 MT.


The effluent generated to the tune of 240 M3/day is treated primarily in Bio-gas plant having gas generation capacity 12000 nm3 /day . The gas generated is burnt in 8 TPH smoke tube type boiler for making steam, which is used to run the Distillery plant. Hence the 100% recycle of Hazards waste of Distillery effluent i.e. spent wash is treated and ZLD pollution concept is 100% achieved with value addition and a strong profit centre from Hazards waste

Multi Effect Evaporator(MEE)

The GIACL has installed MEE plant to reduce the volume of treated spent wash out from Bio-gas plant after recovery of Gas. The volume reductions capacity is 80%. Final outlet continuous 30%solid.which is sent to Bio-compost projects crystal clear condensate further treated in CPU plant.