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Ethanol Manufacturing Process


Rectified spirit having 95% of alcohol are taken from day receiving tank and feed it through feed filter having quantity 18000 liters to feed pre-heater. It gets 84oC temperature and from this tube shell type feed pre-heater given feed to evaporator column. Principle of evaporator column is to evaporation of spirit to vepor state. The evaporator has bottom reboiler to give external steam for evaporation of rectified spirit. Principally to function of reboiler a proper level should be maintained at bottom of evaporator column. Upper side Rectified Spirit feed is given & steam is given to reboiler. Then the vapour of Rectified Spirit having 90oC temperature it further goes to super heater. Super heater is contain outer side jacket to apply steam to super heat the vapour up to 130oC & pressure is up to 0.7 kg/cm2.