Gangamai Industries and Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Shri. Padmakar Haribhau Mulay (Chairman)


Shri. Padmakar H Mulay, 70 years, is an industrialist having more than 45 years of experience in Construction, Agriculture (Research seed & Seed development and agro based products) and Sugar Industry. Under his active supervision and guidance, GIACL has been continuously progressing in all areas of business. Born to an Agriculturalist family, Mr. Mulay completed his graduation in Science and then joined his brothers as one of the promoters of Mulay Brothers Limited (MBL). Established in 1969 by Mulay Family, MBL is 47 year old firm having expertise in Irrigation Projects, Dams, excavation in Hard Rock, Earth Works, Tunnel Works and other allied works.

This excellent business acumen, ability to identify opportunities, team management and networking skills resulted in establishing MBL as one of the prominent contracting company in Irrigation departments of Maharashtra. Mr. Mulay is the Managing Director of Mulay Brothers Limited (MBL), which achieved turnover of Rs. 686.1 million in 2006-07. Mr. Mulay made foray into agro based business by incorporating Ajeet Seeds Private Limited (ASL) in 1986 to engage in research and production of hybrid seeds for major cash crops and vegetables suitable to varying Indian climate and soil conditions. He is credited with successfully establishing the business, building a highly talented team of scientists for R & D efforts and promoting the “Ajeet” Brands in various states. Today, ASL enjoys network of 400 distributors, 3000 dealers and 26000 of seed producers all over India. In 2006-2007, ASL achieved turnover of 62.8 Crores. As Chairman of ASL, Mr. Mulay provides directional support to the management team. After establishing and managing these two firms, Mr. Mulay promoted GIACL to set up the first private Sugar Mill of Marathwada region. Today, he leads GIACL from the front by providing vision, strategic direction and management know how. The progress made by GIACL since its inception is mainly attributed to Mr. Mulay leadership in all the areas of business management. Mr. Mulay’s contribution in the fields of agriculture and social welfare has been recognized with various agencies