Gangamai Industries and Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Condensate Polishing Unit (Capacity 80m3/h)

Condensate Polishing Unit Condensate Polishing Unit

Gangamai Industries And Construections Ltd. has taken initiative in managing the available resources and achieving the total water management through resource conservation, reutilization and recycling wherein it was possible to achieve “Zero water intake” practically to meet the process demand of sugar factory and Co-generation unit. Water in sugar cane is most reliable source, and condensate gained is almost pure, except for a few impurities, which are required to be tackled and treated before the water is available for the specific use desired . The utilization of this condensate as it is has however proven detrimental because of trace organic matter and more particularly, the Ammonic Nitrogen contents, it has specific treatment designed and tested successfully have opened a new chapter in water budgeting of a sugar factory which is obviously termed as “Total Water Management”.